Indonesia Pavilion’s Creative Display Wins Expo Award

[SHANGHAI] – The Indonesia Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai received the Bronze World Expo Award for Creative Display in a ceremony attended by hundreds of representatives from participating pavilions at World Expo Center on Saturday evening, October 30th, 2010.

Indonesia Pavilion was represented by Pavilion Deputy Commissioner General Ms. Hesti Endah Kresnarini and Pavilion Cultural Deputy Director and Exhibit Display Designer Ms. Pincky Sudarman. “This is totally unexpected, a big surprise for everyone of us,” Ms. Sudarman said as she delivered the trophy to other members of Indonesia Pavilion team. “We thank the Shanghai World Expo organizers, all the visitors of our pavilion, the partners and supporters of the pavilion, for making Indonesia’s presence a remarkabe success,” added Ms. Hesti Endah Kresnarini.

The selection of the best Creative Display is based, among others, on thecriteria of pavilion’s interior design, exhibit presentation, and narrative relevance to the World Expo 2010 overall theme of “Better City, Better Life”.

An award panel of juries — consisting of nine experts in architecture, urban planning and expos — led by the International Exhibitions Bureau Awards Committee has selected the best pavilions of official participating countries and participating inter-governmental organizations during the six-month event, which began on May 1st and closes on October 31st, 2010. The award scheme comprises of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners respectively for Theme Development, Creative Display and Pavilion Design in four categories; 4,000-meter Self-built Pavilions, Smaller Self-built Pavilions, Rented Pavilions, and Joint Pavilions.

Complete list of winners in Indonesia Pavilion category of Large Self-built Pavilions (4,000 meters plot of land):

  • Theme Development
    • GOLD – Germany Pavilion
    • SILVER – Russia Pavilion
    • BRONZE – France Pavilion
  • Creative Display
    • GOLD – Saudi Arabia Pavilion
    • SILVER – Japan Pavilion
    • BRONZE – Indonesia Pavilion
  • Pavilion Design
    • GOLD – United Kingdom Pavilion
    • SILVER – Korea Pavilion
    • BRONZE – Spain Pavilion

In total four pavilion categories (Large Self-built, Small Self-built, Rented, and Joint), there are 36 winners. Indonesia is one of 198 countries participating in record-breaking World Expo in Shanghai which has drawn more than 72 million visitors. According to the organizers, the event closes without fireworks or carnavals. It will be a quiet good bye. :: photos/Desi Harahap



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